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Sometimes regret is the last thing you need especially when it comes to a chance to fulfilling one of your erotic fantasy. And i am not a person to always ponder on an idea especially if its benefits are a no-brainer, and that is how i found myself screaming my lungs out at the back of an old rusty private van, cursing and praising in all manners of words.

It was one of those boring days with nothing special planned that i found myself chatting intimately with a total stranger i had met on my way from the grocery stores.
As the conversation went deeper and deeper he became more interesting and i wanted him all over my sexy self. His name was Andy and he was a chatter, told me almost everything about him lies or truth who cared, maybe he wanted to make a new friend or just wanted me to trust him enough to invite him over to my place for some more talks and possibly sex given that we were easily making small talks with some sexual connotations in place.
We both indulged ourselves with the conversation no matter which direction it took us, after all what had we to lose at the moment.

So i took the chance to invite him over and he willingly agreed. But by the time we got to my front door i realized i had misplaced my door keys, probably at the grocery store. I could have retraced my steps to recover the keys but the storm was quickly brewing up in the sky so i did the most sensible thing and decided we wait it out at one of my neighbors old van. But the minute we got into the van the faster he got under my pants and i did nothing to stop him as i was already thirsty and wet for him, as for the groceries i cannot remember where i threw them.

He whispered sweet nothing to my ears and i responded accordingly. What turned me on the most was being told those sexually provocative words by a person i had just met 10 minutes or so ago. It felt so good that i wanted him even more for that.

We made our way to the rusty car seats and into the back where i let him do all manners of sexually enticing things to my body, head to toe. I yearned and screamed for more and when it was my turn to return the favor i quickly jumped to the occasion. I did not only want to make him growl with my name but remember it for sometime in the future.
And when he finally felt it all up in me, i swear it was too good to be real i thought i was in a dream or something, it was more than i had ever imagined even for one of my many erotic fantasy illusions that i often used as a means to get-off.
It was better and real, i could care less what tomorrow had to offer, as for that moment i was reaching for the sky and giving it my all.

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2:00 am, I was fast asleep when I heard a noise, a squeaking door. My door usually made such loud noise that it always woke me up if anybody tried opening it. I usually did not lock my bedroom door for reasons only I know. Alarmed, I jumped out of bed, opened the bedside drawer aided by the moon light penetrating through my windows, I managed to pull out my revolver pistol, a gift from my late grand dad. Loudly, I ordered the intruders to introduce themselves else I was going to shoot. I was still in my boxers and as fear had gripped me, I had forgotten to switch on the lights. I had two switches ,one on my bedside and another one just besides the door.

“I said, who are you?”

Still no reply. Losing my patience ,I gave the intruders one more chance to introduce themselves. I made up my mind to shoot aiming at the door if I did not get a reply.

“who the fuck are you?”

Then, suddenly, the lights came on and alas! what do I see, a girl in a sexy lingerie standing at my bedroom door!

Who are you?

she had a mask on so I didn’t know who she was. Instinctively, I lowered my weapon, I don’t know why but she looked harmless.

“I said, who are you and how did you get in?”

Slowly, she approached me and softly whispered in my ear “shut up, lil boy, you are mine tonight!” and with that she shoved me on to the bed, took the gun from my hand and put it back in the drawer.

I was motionless , I did not know what to do. The sexy intruder then waved a pair of handcuffs. I had not actually seen them before.

she handcuffed me on the bed, then slowly started to kiss me. She moved lower and used her tongue on my belly button. Soon, my boxers were off and her soft lips and tongue were working on my dick. Oh god! I was in heaven, it felt so good. By the way she was doing it, I could tell she was no amateur. After a few minutes of giving me an ecstasy like feeling, she came up and French kissed me. Then, she stood up and removed her lingerie. “Wow!” that’s all I could utter. Her body seemed unreal, from what I could see, her pubes were well trimmed, her boobs firm and youthful looking, she was like a sex goddess.

she rode on my pole like a rodeo and to top that all, I came in her.

Come to think of it, I just had sex with a complete stranger with no condom on!

“Hey lil man” she said as she was wearing her lingerie back.” I like your stamina” she said smiling.

she freed me from the handcuffs.

Then, she took her mask off.


It was my neighbors’ wife!

I had always had erotic fantasies about her, talk of a dream coming true.

she winked at me and left, leaving me satisfied but still wanting more.

Moving into a new place can be a taunting experience especially when you have no clue or idea of how the neighborhood and more so the new neighbors are like.
But we all got to make some changes every now and then and that is what i did one semester in college. I decided to move from the college dormitory to a very cozy and quite neighborhood far away from the confines of the school.
The house had one of the longest corridor i have ever seen with its own gate access set apart from the rest of the housings which used one main gate and i had it all to myself most of the time as two of my neighbors had a back door access to it.

Living alone was not that bigger a deal for me, i craved it for no reason, for me it was like a new venture so was my next door neighbor Tony.
He had the smile that turned my stomach inside out, i could hardly fathom most of the things that came from his mouth, all i could picture was them all over my body, especially my neck and lips.
I wanted him so badly i kept inviting him over for late night dinners and as we got to talking i found him interesting for no reason. To make matter worse he was extra taller than me which i found appealing and handsome was his other name.

So one day he asks for a goodnight hug, so simple yet what i felt beneath his pants said otherwise and within a minute we were all over each other, he could surely lift a girl to the sky and down the rugs we were.
His touch like no other and as for his lips i was dead right they made my whole body tremble and give into the whole scenario, but of course i had to keep him coming for more. One can never give it all up just like that without a fight. So i tried to save the best for last.

He made his way all over my body, inch by inch, during which we said nothing to each other except for the soft giggles and laughs in between when our eyes locked.
The night seemed longer than i thought and as he bid goodnight to go back to his house, we lingered over each other on the doorway and again we were all over each other, this time in the corridor rails.
We could care less that we had another neighbor probably wondering what was up.
We continued with our grand erotic adventure up to his house. The bed of course was filled with unfolded clean laundry but who cared. Actually who ever stops to care when lust and erotic fantasy are at play, you probably cease the moment as it comes.

My night ended up being blissful more than i could have ever imagined even in one of my wildest erotic fantasy with any other guy. It was exactly what i craved from the minute i lay my eyes on him. And he never failed to deliver.

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